At Power Curve we have amassed the world's greatest and most respected performance and styling products. Our prime goal is to make your ride Look and Perform better, adding more thrill to your driving pleasure.

Using our experience gained in the UK we have only selected high quality products known internationally and sold with warranty.

A number of these brands can be found being used at racing circuits world wide including Formula 1. This is a true testament to their sporting ability and motor sport pedigree.

We do not deal with middle men thus our close relationship with our suppliers guarantees you the customer the best deal and the best service.

Please feel free to call us to discuss the tuning options available for your car. Do check back to this site regularly for the latest news and info.


Utilising our long experience gained in the U.K. and our strong contacts with the best high performance parts manufacturers we decided it's was time that the market experiences Real dynamic products that are of the best quality and the best possible performance attainable.

For so long and sadly even today sub standard car tuning products are sold in the Gulf that are of poor quality, many are unheard of outside the Gulf! Many still are fake. They are often sold by people who don't really care if you get the right product for your car and are happy selling you whatever they have in stock!

At Power Curve we are the official authorised exclusive agents and we only deal in the highest quality world renowned products that are truly felt when fitted to your car.

The brands we represent are internationally known and have demonstrated their excellence in motorsport and with driving enthusiasts the world over.

Don't leave it all to chance fit your car with the best and you will be rewarded for it.

Cheap products give cheap results and won't last long. It's not about the loudness or the look of the exhaust it's the performance that matters. The same goes for Brakes, Suspension and Air Filters.